We’re 3 weeks into 2018 already guys, can you believe it? To my resolutioners, how’s it going? Every year we say, “I’m going to eat better, exercise more”, and though we give it a valiant effort, it’s roughly around this 3 week mark where we give up and give in.
Hang in there guys! You can do it!
This wall shelf and accessories from The Loft for the first round of Fameshed was exactly what I needed and you need it too.
You have until January 27th to grab this amazing buy. #spon
Build: Onsu’s Grapefruit Skybox
Items from left to right
05 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Upper Cabinets
08 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Tall Cabinets
ROOST – Wine Shelf1 (modified)
ARIA – Maize Print (Googled Image of a breadfruit)
The Loft – Stacked Bowls
The Loft – Plate Stacks
The Loft – Pepta Glases
The Loft – Pepta Whiskey Decanter
[ARIA] Sorrel decorated console bar (Modified for items listed below)
– Wine glass holder,
– lemons, straws and plates
The Loft – Wall Shelf Glasses
The Loft – Bottle Basket
The Loft – Wall Shelf
The Loft – Flour, Sugar, Tea Cannisters
The Loft – Oil and Vinegar
The Loft – Bulk Spice
The Loft – Large Bowl
The Loft – Board Basket
The Loft – Towel Basket
The Loft – Teacups & Pitcher
ROOST – Palm View Kitchen Wall Oven (with Towels)
01 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Plain Island – RARE
The Loft & Aria – Hargrave Vase
Second Spaces – Small Appliances – juicer
MudHoney Priya Serving Bowls
SAYO – Viva Lounge Set – Plantains
SAYO – Viva Lounge Set – Tropical Fruit

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