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Hey Heauxmie’s!!
I’m fresh off of two birthday celebrations (babe’s on May 31st HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!, and mine on June 5th) aaaand celebrating another wonderful month of being together on June 7th. I created this space to celebrate it all! JUNE needless to say is my favourite month of the Year! There’s just so much excitement, due to the fact that I celebrate my birthday the entire month lol!
We welcomed another round of arcade, which also happens to be my fav round because of all the summery goodness!
Aloha is a space to unwind, relax, unplug and rest! It features the Ariskea Paradise RARE hut at this round of the Arcade and the Rockbed tub from SAYO at The Men’s Department!
All the pieces used are listed below! Also, be sure to check out my Sponsor Mudhoney at the arcade to collect all of the items from the Piper Gacha set, I’m sitting on the RARE daybed, it’s so cuteee with tons of cute single and couples poses!
I have more goodies on the way!!!
Thank you guys for stopping by!



Currently at June 2016 Arcade Gacha Event
Ariskea[Paradise] Hut RARE
Ariskea[Paradise] Tropical Plant
Ariskea[Paradise] Ground Lamp [1]
Ariskea[Paradise] Ground Lamp [2]
Ariskea[Paradise] Fiber Rug
Ariskea[Paradise] Plant Cactus
MudHoney Piper Screen Beech
MudHoney Piper Daybed Colorful RARE
MudHoney Piper Cushion Floral
MudHoney Piper Snake Plant
MudHoney Piper Lanterns Cream
MudHoney Piper Table Gold
Pixel Mode – Anahata – Magazine Clutter
Pixel Mode – Anahata – Cascading Candles
Pixel Mode – Anahata – Pillow Seat
-tres blah- Pampered – Beverage Cart
SAYO – RockBed Tub – Onyx (The Men’s Department June ’16)
MudHoney Charley Clock – Gold
MudHoney Karen Shelf
The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Potted Prickly Pear Cactus
The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Orchids
The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Rug
The Loft & ARIA – Winslow Potted Amaryllis
The Loft – Oriana Towel Rack
:CP: Okugai Supa Bamboo Planter
TA: Tartesso Arts
TA Mandala Fire Bowl
TA Private Massage Table
TA Buddha Incense Set
TA Private Amenities
TA Petals and Candles v3
TA Private Oil Burner
TA Lounge Fruit Set
TA Ocean Wine Bucket
TA Resort Bathrobe
-tres blah- Cozy Winter – Foot Bath RARE
Fancy Decor: Turtle Shell 1
Fancy Decor: Turtle Shell 2
LEIJIN // Fixture — Floating Exotic Planter (IRREGULAR)
LEIJIN // Fixture — Floating Minimal Light – Classic Gold
Zaara [home] : 11 Surahi wine jug
Second Spaces – Party Drinks – garnishes RARE
Second Spaces – Party Drinks – sparkling soda
[PM]Pixel Mode – Picnic Pillow Trio
[PM]Pixel Mode – Picnic Pillow Single
[PM]Pixel Mode – Table w/Wheels
erratic / home – drink / blue lagoon
erratic / home – drink / mojito
dust bunny . fresh strawberry water
Zaara : Palolem beach shack RARE
Soy. Beaded curtain (dark wood)
The Loft – Incience Tray
MudHoney Amy Candle
PILOT – Ruffle Pouf
[PM]Pixel Mode – Insouciance Oils Table
Second Spaces – Treat Yourself – Spa Day – salt scrubs
Ariskea [Wild] Boho Plant Hanger [Suculent]
Ariskea [Wild] Boho Plant Hanger [Foliage]
The Delicious Spread
C L A Vv. Mousse
C L A Vv. Fresh Water
C L A Vv Caviar Canapes
C L A Vv. Banana Crepes
C L A Vv. Bouillabaisse
C L A Vv. Escargot
C L A Vv. Foie Gras
C L A Vv. Duck a l’Orange
C L A Vv. Lobster Bisque
Jian – Mediterranean Feast (Seafood Paella)

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