Hey Everyone…
So I know it’s been a long time and I’m tired of the excuses, but I really missed you guys!
Thanks for continuing to visit my blog even though it’s been a long 7 weeks since my last update.
I had a wonderful end of February, a thrilling March filled with travel and vacation (I did get a little sick though) and a great start to April!
So today I come to you, this final week of the Semester because I refuse to hit the “2 months since my last blog” mark and give you Milestones.
This post is affectionately named after my favoriteeeeee Restaurant in Real Life (because naming my blog posts sometimes take longer than the actual decor itself LOL) where you can come eat, relax and enjoy your favorite meals, while celebrating whatever “Milestone” you’ve achieved.





The Epiphany event is now open and SAYO released a beautifully constructed building that to me is multipurpose. I actually had a hard time nailing down which direction I wanted to go in in order to showcase it! It is released as a Skybox home, with a great SoHo backdrop (THAT I LOVE). The set comes with Living room, Dining room and Bedroom furniture, but I thought it would be cute and was fun to create this Dining experience! I do enjoy role play and going out to eat and so on with my Fiance but the places aren’t always the cutest (Yes I’m super picky) so I had a blast creating this space that will probably stay up for a while for myself and my family and my friends to enjoy. I don’t think it’ll be open to the public unfortunately, but I do hope it inspires you to have fun with the build and create your own spaces! Let your imagination run wild!!! I truly love this space and I tried my best to capture it in these few photos! I really do hope you guys like it, please let me know what you think! As always credit information is below, I do have a few spaces to show you guys from the March round of Arcade as well so stayyyy tunedddddddd!!!



PS. A Hugeeeeee thank you to my SPONSORS for being patient with me and understanding my creative process and giving me time to flesh out my ideas that would best showcase your hard work! Thanks also for understanding that behind the blog is someone who does has a very, very busy first life as many of us do, and that for myself, blogging is a HOBBY! Decorating is something I am passionate about and something I really do enjoy! I understand the point of you sending me your items is so that they can be purchased at the current events and so on, but I don’t like to put out shoddy or rushed worked, so I really appreciate all of you so much! Thank you guys and keep up the amazing work! ❤

At The Epiphany Event
SAYO [Stationed in Soho Gacha Set at Epiphany]
SAYO – Stationed in Soho – SKYBOX – Rare
SAYO – Stationed in Soho Gacha – Geometric Stag Head – Exclusive
SAYO – Stationed in Soho – Kiev Dining Table – Common
SAYO – Stationed in Soho – Kiev Dining Chair – Common
SAYO – Stationed in Soho Gacha – Candles – Common
SAYO – Stationed in Soho Gacha – Vases – Common
SAYO – Stationed in Soho – Who We Art Chalk Art – Common
SAYO – Stationed in Soho – Kiev Light Fixture – Common
SAYO – Bar Tap Decor [Modified, Not a part of Stationed in Soho]
Forest Dining – Place setting
Forest – Wine botttles
Forest – Candle
Tartesso Arts
TA Majestic Stone Panel
TA Imported Cigars Box
Second Spaces – ezra rotary
The Loft – Babette Bar Console Black
The Loft – Babette Ashtray
The Loft – Babette High Chair Black
Tres blah– Soiree – Sliders
Tres blah- Soiree – Mini Pizzas
The Loft – Napa Entryway Mirror
The Loft – Babette One Sided [Frame]
[ keke ] [Frames by Keke, not the texture]
[ARIA] Babette Coffee Table [Modified]
Erratic / home – bar cabinet RARE
Erratic / home – drink / long island iced tea
Erratic / home – drink / mojito
Stockholm&Lima: Buffalo Wings Plate
[ kunst ] – Wine rack / blanc
Ex Machina – A Good VIntage Wine Rack [Modified]
Ariskea [Hue] Ceilling Bulb Light Multiple[Gold]
RealistTek Point of Sale System [Cash Registers]
[The Bar table along the wall is a prim made by me LOL]

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