Mirror, mirror…

Anala - Bathroom Photo_1

Anala - Bathroom Photo_Collage_2

Heyyyy Heauxmie’s!
I’m back with one last shot of our bathroom 🙂
The His & Her bathroom vanity at our house is perfectly cluttered with our morning start essentials and is a great way to start the day!
Of course the majority of the items on the vanity are mine, so I’m grateful to Dynasty for creating “The oxford Effect” set which provided extra space for the guy that never has enough room on the bathroom vanity (or anywhere else for that matter) LOL.
I hope you all like it!
Thanks again to my wonderful photog for capturing my rooms so beautifully; Lauren you ROCK ❤
Stay tuned you guys, I’m really trying to blog on a more consistent basis so I really appreciate your patience with me!
I love you all


ARIA & The Loft – Baxter Bathroom Sink
Aria & The Loft – Baxter Mirror
ARIA & The Loft – Baxter Angled Sconces
The Loft – Baxter Bathroom Cabinet
ARIA & The Loft – Baxter decorative Towels
ARIA & The Loft – Baxter Decorative Magazines
ARIA & The Loft – Baxter Cake Stand With Soaps
ARIA & The Loft – Baxter Bathtub Tray
The Loft – Oriana Bath Rug White
The Loft – Orchid Planter
{Petite Maison} Reigine Side Table: Black
1. [ dynasty ] – The Oxford Effect – Comb/Cologne
2. [ dynasty ] – The Oxford Effect – ShavingBrush/Cream
3. [ dynasty ] – The Oxford Effect – LipBalm/ShaveScrub
4. [ dynasty ] – The OxFord Effect – WhiskeyBottle/Cigar
6. [ dynasty ] – The Oxford Effect – GreyLadder
Vanity Details (Left – Right)
-tres blah- Jolie – Hair Products
[ARIA] Ines toothbrushes in a cup+ toothpaste
AF Lotions
[ARIA] Ines decorative hand-soap
[ARIA] Ines decorative face care cosmetics
Bazar Toronto-Bathroom shelf-male (Modified)
Bazar Toronto- Bathroom shelf-female (Modified)
floorplan. scissors
-tb- Vanity – Toiletries
[ARIA] Ines decorative gel&scrub
Bazar Toronto-Razors
[ARIA] Vivien decorative hair dryer
[ARIA] Vivien decorative round brush

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