Dimanche de l’automne

Anala's Living Room

Hey Heauxmie’s!
So I decided to do something a little different for you guys!
I’m quite excited about it! A few months ago I blogged one of my fav rooms Dimanche Au Printemps
I decided to revamp it for the Fall Season AKA My FAV Season! I recently moved back into my Luton Manor home by Redgrave after several months in the Greystone Mansion (Redgrave). I  wanted to incorporate that same room, so I gave it a little face lift and I absolutely love it (So far)!!!!
“Dimanche de l’automne” (Sunday in Autumn) offers the same warm and cozy feel as it did in Spring! It’s not quite done yet to be honest but I just couldn’t wait to show you lol, I’ll probably toss a few more things in the bookcases and maybe other random decor pieces.. as you all know.. my rooms are never complete! I still have the piano and its decor, it’s just not featured. I also wanted to make a statement with the Fireplace(s) (Yes, I used 2) because we are approaching the dreaded winter season; I just love how it dominates the room! I really hope you guys like it! I am trying to do better with keeping the blog updated and I think this is a fun way to update more often :D! See below for the new pieces used in the space, and refer to “Dimanche Au Printemps” for everything else!
Stay Tuned


Apple Fall Charlotte Cabinet
Apple Fall Wooden Tribal Jars
MudHoney Amy Trinket Box
{theosophy} Chess Set
The Loft – Corvus Hide Rug
The Loft – Corvus Pillow
{anc} flottante puppy. milk
[ zerkalo ] Magazines
[ zerkalo ] Beginning of the Day – Magazines
Everything Else Click Here!

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