A Little White lie..





Hey friends!
We’ve come to the end of my favourite month! So sad to see June go, but I had a blast in both RL and SL!
As we say goodbye, I thought I should take you back inside after blogging the great outdoors all month!
This gorgeous dining room is available at this current round of Uber by Aria and was the inspiration for “A little White Lie”. I mixed this set with my favourite table setting by the Loft and voila! I finally have a dining room at my Greystone Mansion that I’ll be keeping for a while! I love it and I hope you guys do too! Short and sweet and great to be back inside! Hehe!
Thank you guys for your support, as always,
Stay Tuned


Savannah Dining Set @ Uber
[ARIA] Savannah Dining Table
[ARIA] Savannah Dining Chair
[ARIA] Savannah Chandelier
[ARIA] Savannah Candle Holder B (on the console)
[ARIA] Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase
[ARIA] Lydia Amsonia flowers in a vase
[ARIA] Sorrel decorated console bar
[ARIA] Veronica Round Pouf (@ Sou)
Apple Fall Roses Box (White)
Apple Fall – AF Hydrangea Bunch
oyasumi / memories
The Loft – Trellis Mirror
The Loft – Wavy Candleholder Silver (on the table)
The Loft – Casolare Place Setting
The Loft – Casolare Table Runner
The Loft – Nested Consoles White
Bazar – Toronto-Curtain (Modded)

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