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Hey Heauxmie’s!
Back again with another one for you!
This time it’s of my own bathroom and I’m really excited about it! I purchased Redgrave’s Luton Manor Home when it was released a while back and I’m just now finally moving in! I’ve been so busy with RL and decorating for others, I was actually “homeless” for a few months in SL LOL.
My Fancy Bathroom is surprisingly the first room I finished, probably because I couldn’t wait to place my Oriana Bathroom Suite from The Loft. I paired it with Pixel Mode’s Insouciance Set and accented it with a few pieces from my Brand New Sponsor Fancy Decor and VOILA! I give you Fancy… a peak inside my elegant bathroom.. My family is teasing me because it’s pretty much the only place I’ve been in SL since I finished it LOL.. It’s my ideal “Me time” space…
The next few posts will most likely (probably not LOL ) be the progress of my home as I continue moving in…
I hope you stay tuned..

“If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.”
~Christian Louboutin



Complete Sets Available at the Main stores

The Loft Oriana Bathroom Suite
Pixel Mode – Insouciance Massage Bed Set

APPLE FALL – Victorian Radiator

FD: Fireplace
FD: Vertical Candles
FD: Native Rug

FANATIK HOME – Grizzly Rug White

DIGS – Garland Drapes [MESH]

Dutchie towel on the ground
Dutchie Robe
Dutchie stack of towels
Dutchie Schefflera tall
Dutchie mesh orchid

LARK – Crawford Wall Hook & Slip

PILOT – Ruffle Pouf [White]

THE LOFT – Bailey Shower Earth

The photo above the Fireplace is not available for sale…
The candles and petals rez from the Oriana Bathtub


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