DBH_001I just loved the ‘Mara’ Collection by The Loft at this (July) Round of Collabor88, paired it with a few other pieces (listed below) and voila…
Sahara… a glimpse of my living room.. if I lived in the Desert lol. Enjoy



The Loft – Alderan Table Lamp White
The Loft – Alderan Bench
The Loft – Alderan Side Table
The Loft – Alderan Coffee Table
The Loft – Lola Bowl Ebony
The Loft – Mara Orchids White
The Loft – Mara Couch Black
The Loft – Mara Bucket Club Chair Black
The Loft – Mara Mink Pouf
The Loft – Mara Jirafa Gorda Plata
The Loft – Wooden Duckies

floorplan. faux fur rug (Collab)
floorplan. / {theosophy} Handsome Gold Devil (Collab)

Bazar – Toronto-Books and plate decor

Apple Fall – Hand Carved Zebra Mask (Collab)


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