Gardening — A Labor Of Love







Hey Heauxmie’s! So I took a step outside of the house to show you guys my beautiful outdoors. I’m not one for Gardening in RL or Landscaping in SL but when I put my mind to it, I can usually pull it off! Here’s my Garden! Home Grown fruit and Veggies and a few Animals here and there hehe! I hope you enjoy! The Landscape was done by a wonderful friend of mine, the Decor (of course) by Yours truly! I hope you enjoy ❤





Cheeky Pea Whitby Set @ Seasons Story Summer

:CP: Whitby Pergola
:CP: Whitby Decor
:CP: Whitby Pallet Bar
:CP: Whitby Willows
:CP: Whitby Lounger
:CP: Whitby Lantern

:CP: Whitby Preserves
:CP: Whitby Haybales

Cheeky Pea Rainey Bistro Set
:CP: Rainey Bistro Chair 1 & 2
:CP: Rainey Bistro Table
:CP: Rainey Bistro Newspaper
:CP: Rainey Bistro Tea Set
:CP: Rainey Bistro Vase
:CP: Rainey Bistro Chandelier

[PM]Pixel Mode – THG Complete Set
(Previous Arcade round, Gachas available at the Mainstore)
– Tool Box RARE
– Potting Table RARE
-Seed Box RARE
– Watering Can
-Small Clay Pots
-Large Clay Pots
-Plant Markers
-Hand Fork
-Empty Sack
-Hanging Seed Bags
-Bird House
-Garden Hose

PILOT – Garden Shed
PILOT – Potted Plant Shelves
PILOT – Rain Barrel
PILOT – Water Hose
PILOT – Garden Supplies

oyasumi / wheel barrel
oyasumi / rakes&stuff
oyasumi / pot / stacked
oyasumi / pot / empty
(@Season Story)

ROOST – Garden Tools 1
ROOST – Lawn Mower (Red)
ROOST – New Port House & Garage

{what next} Garden Broom Decor

[DDD] Orchard Trees
[DDD] Harvest Bucket – Apples
[DDD] Garden Plots ( Pumpkin, Tomamtio, Onion, Carrot)

Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – jams RARE


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